TucSound Recording Studio began its construction phase in November of 2013.  The work team was lead by Daniel Osete (DCO Custom Builders), with design and supervision by John H. Brandt, world-renowned recording studio designer.   The studio opened its doors almost a year later (October 2014).  The Control Room was calibrated to achieve a flat frecuency response, making it very comfortable for long recording or mixing sessions.  The Tracking Room is designed to obtain the purest sound out of each instrument, without deadening the room.

TucSound Recording Studio is managed and run by Oscar Fuentes.

Tucsonan since 2009, singer, songwriter, performer and recording engineer, Oscar Fuentes was born in Guadalajara (Mexico) in 1968.  He started his music career, 30 years ago, as a drummer and singer.  He later became the lead singer for hard rock bands.  By the mid 80s, Oscar began to evolve as a solo artist, playing at alternative venues, cultural centers, as well as universities, bars, etc., performing his own material and songs by his favorite songwriters.

   Oscar has traveled extensively with his guitar all over Mexican territory, placing himself firmly in the country's music scene, specially in Guadalajara.

   His music mixes several genres, from rock & roll to salsa, including pop, musica ranchera, and of course, some blues, always accompanied by a good shot of tequila or a cold beer.

   His recorded material consists of seven productions:

  • Oscar Fuentes
  • Pago Por Ver
  • Un Gato en Celo
  • Una Navaja
  • Las Horas Muertas de Virgilio Nadies Cadejo
  • Las Horas Muertas 2:0
  • Esto que ves/Es lo que soy.

       He has worked in recording studios for close to 15 years and has produced many albums for Mexican artists.   His most recent work, produced and recorded at his new studio, TucSound Recording Studio, is songwriter Leigh Lesho’s debut album “444”.